What is an Channel Partner Program?

Be our channel partner in marketing our Humano service nationwide, and have a great opportunity to earn profit without leveraging out of pocket capital.

What are the benefits of being a Channel Partner?

  • Passive income
  • Unlimited opportunity
  • No boundaries in dealing with diverse clients
  • Increase customer network
  • Increase your product portfolio

Ways to earn of being a Channel Partner:

  1. Fixed cost pricing – guarantees a fixed cost for the project, regardless of time and expense.
  2. On-demand pricing – considers fluctuations in customer demand and adjusts prices to fit the changes in perceived value.
  3. Outbound Lead Generation – receive monthly or quarterly incentive in any successful deal closed.

Channel Partner Incentive Program. [Learn more]

Note: For any questions and inquiries you can directly contact our Humano Sales Team.