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Accounting Staff

Job Description

The accounting staff is responsible for supporting various financial and accounting activities within the organization. This role involves maintaining accurate financial records, preparing financial reports, assisting with budgeting and forecasting, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, or a related field.
  • At least 1-2 Years experience in the accounting field.
  • Knowledge of accounting principles and practices
  • Strong attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Good communication and teamwork abilities.


  1. Bookkeeping:
    • Record day-to-day financial transactions.
    • Maintain general ledger accounts.
    • Ensure accuracy and completeness of financial data.
  2. Financial Reporting:
    • Prepare and analyze financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement).
    • Generate various financial reports for management.
  3. Accounts Payable:
    • Process vendor invoices and ensure timely payments.
    • Reconcile vendor statements and resolve discrepancies.
  4. Accounts Receivable:
    • Generate and send customer invoices.
    • Monitor and collect receivables.
    • Reconcile customer accounts.
  5. Bank Reconciliation:
    • Reconcile bank statements with general ledger accounts.
    • Investigate and resolve discrepancies.
  6. Budgeting and Forecasting:
    • Assist in the preparation of budgets and financial forecasts.
    • Monitor budget variances and provide analysis.
  7. Compliance:
    • Ensure compliance with relevant accounting standards and regulations.
    • Assist with external audits.
  8. Payroll Support:
    • Collaborate with the HR department to process payroll.
    • Verify payroll data for accuracy.
  9. Financial Analysis:
    • Conduct financial analysis to support decision-making.
    • Provide insights into financial trends and performance